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Graffiti Removal

Every property owner and manager knows the effects and damage graffiti can have on a property.  Though we can not stop graffiti from occurring we can discourage it by removing it as quickly as possible.  

This process can be conducted with various techniques depending what type of surface  the graffiti is on,  metal; bricks; stucco; wood; or other medium, graffiti can be removed by either chemical product;  power washing it off; or painting over it with matching paint.  S & G Sweeping and Maintenance Inc. are committed to expedient removal.

Haul Removal of Illegally Dumped Debris

Removal of dumped items
Mattresses, appliances, furniture, garbage, car parts can be equally as damaging to the perceived impression of a center when these type of items are dumped behind or at the side of centers.  

When S & G Sweeping and Maintenance Inc. is on property we can forward this observation within 24 hours of occurrence and haul it away.  Immediate removal is our priority!

Power Washing

One of the best services you can provide for your retail property is power washing.  A clean, non sticky walking surface can be your best friend.  Consider the concern of food establishment entrances and the important aspects of potential liability, and you will realize the importance of power washing.

More importantly is the method of applying the water pressure to achieve a nice, clean, smooth appearance and job.   Have you ever seen stripe marks on a pavement in a type of side to side pattern?  That is the result of bad methodology and overall quality of pressure washing.  Allow S & G Sweeping and Maintenance Inc. to address your power washing needs with a quality of service you’ll be pleased with!

Porter Services

Some properties require a ‘hands on’ approach to the daily needs of a shopping center that day porter service provides.  In high traffic areas someone on site to remove broken glass, wipe window sills, trash receptacle lids, and newspaper racks etc. are important to the overall appearance of a center.  Day porters also remove trash from landscaped areas within the center, removes unapproved signs, flyers and banners, fills ash urns with sand and many other services.  Our scope of services outlines daily, weekly and monthly items.  However this schedule can be customized to address your specific center needs.

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